Help us uplift lives.

Do you care deeply about people, both as a health care professional and as a member of a collaborative team? Are you great at what you do? Consider joining Genevive. We are a mission-driven health care company created to meet the complex care needs of Minnesota’s geriatric population. We offer competitive salaries and benefits in an environment you can look forward to working every day

Treat them like family.

Welcome to Genevive, a company committed to improving the health and wellbeing of elderly Minnesotans. We believe people who have come so far in life deserve the greatest respect. Our physicians, nurse practitioners and care coordinators deliver responsive and responsible care that honors and uplifts the lives of those we serve. We treat them like family.

Formerly known as Geriatric Services of Minnesota, Genevive is in its second decade of providing expert, compassionate care to everyone we touch.

What we care about most.

We started Genevive to change how society addresses the complicated needs of elderly patients, a population the health care system has overlooked. Here are the principles that guide our practice.


We specialize in one of the most complicated fields in medicine. Our team brings decades of experience and a commitment to rigorous, evidence-based approaches. We are truth tellers who challenge easy answers and work to deliver the most valuable care in every situation.


When patients need assistance, Genevive is there 24/7 — not only when there’s a problem. By building close relationships with our patients, their families, caregivers, and their other health care providers, we ensure they receive the care they need at every step of their journey.


We understand the difficulties our patients face. And we genuinely care about making their lives easier. By getting to know them as people, we’re able to ask better questions and seek the best answers. Our standards are high. We strive to be the kind of company we’d send our own parents to.


Honoring our patients means seeing them in their full context. Our team looks beyond the medical chart to understand the relationships and community that make our patients’ lives worthwhile. Then we create plans to preserve their quality of life in a meaningful way — for as long as possible.

Short or long-term. In-home or out.

Genevive delivers high quality care to patients when and where it’s needed — in transitional care units, in long-term care facilities, or in their homes


Uplift life.

We believe people who have come so far on life’s journey deserve honest, compassionate care that puts their interests first. That’s why we’re here.